Cutting the grass is a hassle, and no one wants to do it on their holiday. But if you do not maintain your lawn properly, you will have a wild garden filled with weeds, insects, and even reptiles in some cases. Maintaining your lawn is important to keep it green, healthy, and neat. If you think taking care of your lawn is a tricky job, we have listed down some easy tips to help your lawn grow the right way.

Ask a professional

You will definitely need expert advice for your lawn based on the grass and plants you are using at your lawn. Also, no matter how many times you trim and maintain your lawn on your own, taking the help of a professional will always help in taking out the things that you cannot see. They can help you by giving you the right tips to grow your lawn professionally. You will learn about your plants and be able to nourish them better instead of daily watering. Paying for such a service once a while is worth it if you want the greenest garden in your locality.

Plant the right plant

Your lawn may not be the most fertile place to grow the plants which you dreamt of growing. But do not break your heart. Just like pets, every plant is special and growing the ones which will bloom in your backyard is better than planting the ones who can’t grow and watch the die. Plant the right type of grass which can adapt to your climate. Check the pH level of your soil and pick an appropriate grass to experience a good yield.

Mow at the right height

Create a schedule to mow your lawn every month or two to maintain an even look throughout the year. Some parts of the grass can grow faster than the other parts which can make your lawn look uneven pretty soon. Know what is the recommended height of your lawn and mow it once it reaches one-third of the height of the recommended number. Mowing the lawn will help in maintaining the green colour that you need as the grass colour fades away as it becomes taller.

Water in the morning

Water your lawn grass in the morning around 7 o clock to get the best results with your newly established lawn grass. Use the time before the sunrise to water the lawn so that the grass absorbs the water. It will make the roots stronger and firmer. Water your every day until the soil below is wet at least five inches deep so that it remains until the next watering season.

Get the right nutrients

You also need to find the other right nutrients for your lawn other than water. Find out which compost manure will suit the type of grass in your lawn and feed your grass at least once every quarter. You can also use the commercial fertilizers as well if you are not aware of the manure processing.